Wine tasting @ Quinta de Sant´Ana

Experience „Portugal in a nutshell“

Portugal with its unrivalled treasury of native grape varities, its different climatic zones and the influence of the Atlantic it has all it takes to produce top quality wines. In the last 15 years Mafra region has proved that the Estremadura can impress with some excellent wines.

Discover this authentic experience with us!

Duration Min. people Price per person
4 hours 5 35€



Boat or Fishing Trips

Discover Ericeira from a different point of view

Come and see Ericeria from a different point of view, or enjoy a fishing trip with a lunch made out of your own captures of the day. The trips are only organized by request and the price varies to the number of people. Transportation is included.

Duration Max. people Price per person
3 – 6 hours 11 on request



Waterfalls of Ancos

Come with us to discover the natural beauty of the waterfalls

These waterfalls have a natural beauty by the fact that they arise in an area where one would predict ist existence. It´s a unique place and worth visiting. Enjoy this explendid view with us and have a picnic at the end of the tour in the woods by the river.

Duration Min. people Price per person
3 hours 5 20€



Quinta dos Laridos

Visit the heart of Obidos

Discover Quinta dos Laridos located in the heart of Obidos region and with history linked to wine and sparkling wine production dating back to the 15. century. The Quinta dos Laridos estate is a unique place where tranquility and nature play a special role. With 35 hectars the garden was created and devised by the comendador José Berardo, in response to the destruction of the Buddhas of Banyan in which one of the greatest acts of cultural barabrity took place, erasing masterpieces of late-period Gandhara art.

Duration Min. people Price per person
5 hours 8 20€